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The Scar (TV documentary)

by Calisto Productions receiving the Special Award for Discourse & Politics.


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Laudator: Thomas A. Bauer, ESEC president, University of Vienna

The Scar is a TV documentary that reflects the situation  that emerged after the iron curtain collapsed and two social landscapes having been apart for long time got reunified and brought together again families, neighbours and peers. This transformation confronted the people with new perspectives, even great hopes, but also caused a habit of mutual reservation and diffuse distance. The Scar analyses that situation in the way of telling stories about the people who lived along the curtain and still lives there feeling that the social coherence is stigmatized by a somehow sceptic sentiment .

The intention of the film is to travel those 7500 kilometers from Stettin to the Balkans on each side of the former border to meet its population and to search for their aspirations and impacts for the future of Europe.

The ESEC jury has assessed the documentary and was convinced of the way how the film drew the bow from single fates to a general sensitive and touching analysis of the post-iron-curtainn challenge of living together. Therefore ESEC is proud to dedicate the Erasmus EuroMedia Special Award for Discourse and Politics 2009 to The Scar / La Cicatrice, realized by Dominique Maestrali and David DescramÈ, produced by Calisto Productions Paris.

Vienna, October 16, 2009


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