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Opinion Corner (interactive website)

by Mostra, Belgium

receiving the Special Award for Aesthetics and Design, Belgium

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Laudator: Miguel de Aguilera

Europe is a fascinating idea, a dream that, in our endeavour to fulfil it, is being attained little by little. Europe is also a political scene, a social framework, a melting pot of cultures where millions of people are developing their life project. It is important to communicate the idea and realities of Europe. But it is also essential to know how to communicate efficiently, using the elements, tools and means that most European and non European people usually employ.

And that is what OPINION CORNER does. It talks about Europe, it reports facts and data, serving as a platform to express views and opinions. And this is achieved by combining the use of text, audio, video, graphics, Flash animation and multimedia products, in an effort to employ the same tools that their audience uses. The format chosen by OPINION CORNER meets the preferences of the readers: use of multimedia technology, clear presentation of ideas through the applications required for each case, interaction allowing non-sequential reading, and providing all the means needed to get deeper into any subject of interest.

OPINION CORNER is an excellent multimedia product which is very well conceived, and presenting a user-friendly design. It offers dynamic elements, stimulating graphics, vibrant colours and a high chromatic contrast (red, blue and black are widely used to highlight images). OPINION CORNER makes an efficient use of a number of elements of expression at the service of contents and readers, as they allow the clear presentation of information and views.

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