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Grand Award

Oberschlesien – Hier wo wir uns begegnen

Michael Majerski (Documentary)

The project satisfied the international jury with its outstanding performance in all award categories and particularly for its communicative value addressing relevant perspectives of the development of the European society.

Laudation for Michael Majerski – Grand Award for the documentary „Upper Silesia – Here is where we meet“
Mag. Karina Kaiblinger, ECo-C European Communication Certificate Vienna

Upper Silesia – once upon a time a region where people met, where people could live together in a perfect way, a region full of multi-culture. Once upon a time…

In his documentary film Michael Majerski impressively shows how Upper Silesia’s history and culture were erased systematically and still are.

Most of the old inhabitants have either moved away or live in seclusion. Now, the younger generations from Upper Silesia want to know where they live, want to know about their history, want to know about their culture. But even today nobody wants to answer their questions. Upper Silesia’s history and culture are still erased.

It is an honour for the ECo-C initiative to take the opportunity to award the documentary film “Upper Silesia – here is where we meet” from Michael Majerski because both Michael Majerski and ECo-C are in each of their own ways involved in European integration. Michael Majerski as film director and author and ECo-C as an educational program in communication skills.

The documentary film “Upper Silesia – here is where we meet” demonstrates the constitutive characteristics of Europe: migration. At all times people migrated. At all times migration brought its challenges. Even today. To handle these challenges we shall communicate, we shall meet.

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