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Leben auf dem Vulkan

TV documentary by ORF/3sat (Austria): Günter Schilhan (director), Dr. Hubert Nowak (editor), Rosemarie Prasek (production)

awarded with the Erasmus EuroMedia 2011 Medal of Excellence for Analytical Feature


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Jury Statement

The Medal of Excellence for Analytical Journalism was dedicated to the ORF /3Sat TV documentary “Leben auf dem Vulkan” in order to honour the highly sophisticated and in depth going analytical feature. The jury was impressed by the outstanding quality of contextual research explaining the (actual) finance- and bank crises on Iceland in relation to history, to society, to mentality, to social rites and political rituals, to the way of everyday life as well as to the exposition of the small country – an outstanding piece of qualitative journalism in an documentary environment. Congratulation!

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