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Grand Award

Se una farfalla batte le ali / If a butterfly flaps ist wings

RAI (TV Show)

The project satisfied the international jury with its outstanding performance in all award categories and particularly for its communicative value addressing relevant perspectives of the development of the European society.

Laudatio for the TV Show „SE UNA FARFALLA…“ / RAI
Erasmus EuroMedia Grand Award 2013

Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bauer

“Se una farfalla…” If a butterfly beats its wing maybe in New York, the movements gets probably transmitted to Beijing. This meteorological phrase signifies the discursive statement of a TV show, produced by RAI in two episodes, hosted and moderated by Juliano Amato, a well known and well memorable former Prime Minister of Italy, who stands as a political model for the importance of what he is telling about. Already the architectonic environment in which the moderator spreads his explanations is an announcement of significance and puts on stage the wide space of European history. The program entertains with historical knowledge, attracts with wide ranging stories and educates the European mind with stories and makes curious for more. Thus it fulfils main factors of an educational media intending to explore the cultural values of a habit of European identity.

One of the most challenging issues in the European discourse is the concept of European identity. The question is, if there was a common frame for the diversity of ethnic entities, cultures, languages, styles of individual and concepts of social life. Diversity becomes a relevant character because of the general expectation that the principle of unity makes sense as it makes things complete and self contained.

There is the notion that what we call history is such a frame-concept of and for diversity as we imagine that the variety of all events and of all performances might have emerged from a common source and also will have a common goal and in between of that there is a connecting line if time, of change and of development.

Same as with time is with space: Space also is a concept of connection, by which one topos at the one side is thought to be in touch with the topos on any other side. Exactly in that sense Europe is a political, societal and cultural metaphor for this concept of a unity-principle of dignity, justice, freedom, meaningfulness and mindfulness of life.

The historical context and the social context, the concepts of time and space are the cognitive and conceptual coordinates of a united Europe because of its diversity and variety in culture, stories and discourses. That’s, why it affects every time the whole system, when there is something happening at any place and any time of it: not only, when there is a breakdown or a splash here or there, but also if there is just a butterfly doing its silent flap.

The TV show “Se una farfalla batte le ali” is conceptualized as a reminder to bring this sensitivity for otherness while doing and realizing the own history back to our mind and to our hearts: I am what I am, because I am with the other, connected to it, to her, to him and to them through time and space, through historical and social relation. Relation is the mental concept, that unifies East and West, South and North to one society.

The mission transmitted throughout this TV show and the way as the production is done makes the TV show “Se una farfalla” becoming an outstanding educational media within the context of public service television and that’s why the international Jury of Erasmus EuroMedia Awards decided to award this program – together with an other quite differently made media production – with the Grand Erasmus EuroMedia Award 2013.

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