Promoting Excellence in the Discourse on Europe. Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are granted to outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system. [learn more]

Mission Statement

The European Society of Education and Communication (ESEC)

  • Promotes development of the awareness of the common culture and civilization of Europe
  • Supports complete and lifelong learning as a basis for high education and living standards for the people of Europe
  • Initiates academic and practical activities and projects in the field of communication, education and media in and for Europe

In order to achieve its objectives the association

  • aims to cooperate actively with national and international organisations and companies with same or similar objectives
  • Promotes international cooperation and the international exchange of ideas
  • Exames methods, media and educational activities in knowledge transfer
  • Evaluates benchmarks
  • Awards educational media, programs, services projects and products in relation to the society building of Europe
  • Follows solely and directly non-commercial intentions and does not operate for its own ends.