Promoting Excellence in the Discourse on Europe. Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are granted to outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system. [learn more]


As the delivering agency, ESEC aims to promote awareness of the historical common “cultural” area called Europe. Furthermore, ESEC supports initiatives that intend to provide media for lifelong learning. The EuroMedia Awards are an ideal opportunity to bring productions emphasising this into the spotlight and promote exchange and communicationbetween media professionals in this field.

The European Society for Education and Communication (ESEC) was founded on 1st April 2005 in the context of the GRUNDVIG-Project as association according to German right consisting of members from different European countries. Up to date members from Germany, Austria, Hungary and Cyprus belong to the association. In addition ESEC currently is in dialogue with associations and companies from various countries belonging to the European Union (Czechia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Lithuania, Greece). It

  • promotes the development of awareness for the common cultural area Europe and the plain and lifelong learning as requirement for  a high educational standard and standard of living of the citizens of Europe.
  • supports and initiates scientific and applied research and projects in the range of communication, education and media in Europe in cooperation with national and international associations and companies.
  • encourages the international collaboration and interchange of ideas aiming to analyse and publish methods, media and actions for the placement of knowledge and education concerning their suitability for whole Europe.
  • evaluates and awards educational media, training offerings and courses of education
  • promotes documentation, archiving and exhbition of didactical media.