Promoting Excellence in the Discourse on Europe. Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are granted to outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system. [learn more]

Evaluation Procedure

The Evaluation of all submissions will take part in two steps:

First Step: Seals / Nominations

All applications will be reviewed by the ESEC panel of experts according to the evaluation criteria. All productions that meet those criteria will be nominated for the EuroMedia Awards. Nominees will be informed by the beginning of September 2014. At the Award Ceremony on October 9th, all nominated submissions will receive the EuroMedia Seal of Approval certification alongside with a digital version of the Seal of Approval Logo for use on all informative material connected to the certified product.

Second Step: Awards and Medals

All nominated productions will compete for the EuroMedia Awards and the Medals of Excellence. The Grand Jury will rank the submissions and decorate exceptional works at the Award Ceremony.

Categories for Awards and Medals

Grand Award (€ 2.000,00) for best submission in all relevant categories

Medals of Excellence*:

  • Medal of Excellence: Documentary / Report*
  • Medal of Excellence: Teaching Material*
  • Medal of Excellence: Networking Media*
  • Medal of Excellence: Fictional Programme*
  • Medal of Excellence: Integrative / Convergent Media*

* not endowed