Promoting Excellence in the Discourse on Europe. Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are granted to outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system. [learn more]



The Media can bridge gaps and foster mutual understanding for a common Europe.

The EuroMedia Awards honour media productions focusing on the discourse of European Societies and the promotion of European Values.

Since 1995 ESEC (European Society for Education and Communication) awards prizes in different categories and honours exceptional oeuvres.


An Affirmation of Excellence: Awards and Medals
ESEC awards the best European media productions with Special Awards and Medals of Excellence, emphasising their exceptional nature in terms of product quality and profound discussion. The Grand Award tops all of them, as it will be given to the best media production of 2014.

A Seal for Quality: The Nomination
Besides the Awards, the nomination itself is a certificate of quality, given to all productions that meet the high standards of the ESEC jury. The respective EuroMedia Seals labels your product as certified by experts.

Recognition of Your Work: International Coverage
Covered by news media from all over Europe, the EuroMedia Awards attract attention to your work. On this website all nominees and winners will be presented. This will showcase the best media productions on Europe.

The Award Ceremony
The winners of the EuroMedia Awards will be announced at the festive Award Ceremony on October 9th, 2014.

Networking with Media Professionals: The EuroMedia Day
In addition to being a splendid event, the ceremony is a meeting point for international media professionals. The afternoon presentation of the winners and the festive evening reception provide the ideal ambiences to socialise and exchange ideas.

Media for Europe

The EuroMedia Awards honour media productions that:

  • enhance the media discourse on Europe
  • provide a qualitative discussion of objectives, perspectives and challenges for the development of European Societies
  • relate to European topics like cohesion, social values, migration, identity, solidarity …
  • show an educational ambition
  • invest ideas and ambition in an European Public Sphere