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EuroMedia Awards 2011
Photos of the Award Ceremony 2011

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Little Alien

Feature documentary by Mobilefilm Produktion: Nina Kusturica (author, director, producer), Nora Friedel (assistant director), Eva Testor (producer)

awarded with the

Erasmus EuroMedia Grand Award 2011

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Laudatio by Thomas A. Bauer, Jury President, University of Vienna

A society that scares others by means of power, disesteem and debasement, is supposed to fear for itself. A society that fears for itself, lacks in reliance and believe in its conditions of association. That often that people, especially young ones, who draw hope from a European dream, get mistreated by a rigid, and pitiless habit, by avoiding and declining any kind of communication and by giving them the cold shoulder, that often the European system has failed to make Europe a heartfelt concern for both, for itself and for all who search for European conditions of life.

Nina Kusturica’s film “Little Alien” gives an insight into the world of young people seeking for asylum through telling the story in a way as they themselves experience it. Hopes and expectations for a self-determined life evolve into human fates between juvenile carelessness and overcast worry that alien people appropriate one others own property: teenagers who flee at high risk of danger from crises regions to Europe in order to realize their hopes and dreams, get confronted with a partially inhuman and absurd bureaucratic system. The film director gives a glance behind the backdrop of bureaucracy as well as to the irrational xenophobe failure. She addresses by purpose and by all means of popular film-art young people in order to touch them and to make them aware of, where Europe fails to happen. The educational appeal is to identify Europe’s chances and challenges to come true with itself. Besides the film itself Mobilefilm Production also has published a 72 pages booklet in German and English containing detailed information about the themes dealt with the film.

Nina Kusturica and Mobilefilm Production have produced a media that matches all quality standards of an educational media in the interest of a thematic discourse towards the conditions of Europeanness at its best: the topic, its narration, the plot, the directing, the editing and the media language. This satisfied the international jury due to its outstanding performance in all award categories and particularly due to its communicative value addressing relevant perspectives of the development of European Society. That’s why the film documentary “Little Alien” deserves to be awarded by the Erasmus EuroMedia Grand Award 2011.