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Medals of Excellence 10 – Gateway to East European Documentary Film (interactive website)

by Institute of Documentary Film, Czech Republic

receiving Medal of Excellence: Integrative / Convergent Media

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Laudator: Babara Köpplova – Gateway to Eastern European Documentary Films is an excellent approximation to Eastern European societies as they are reflected through  the film media, also linked with database on filmmakers, filmographies, organisations, markets a.s.o. . It is designed especially for documentary professionals in order to use it as a source of information on the development of film in East Europe through its history and reflecting its contemporaneous period of production.

DOKweb has to be estimated not only as a well structured archive based on wide ranging research and collection -  usable as a moving website, but also as a project that is engaged and involved in the film discourse on documentation of countries in transition The website is a extremely usable tool in getting orientation on what is going on in documentary film and in same time shows the lively film life in Eastern Europe  as it ever has been. Therefore the Jury  is happy to award the  media project with the Erasmus EuroMedia Medal of Excellence.

Einwanderungsland Deutschland (dvd)

by FWU Institut für Film und Bild in Wissenschaft und Unterricht GmbH, Germany

receiving Medal of Excellence: e-Teaching Material

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Laudator: Bernd Mikuszeit

“Einwanderungsland Deutschland” is a DVD for pupils from class 8.
The DVD is planned, primarily, for the application in the fields of the political education and in the historical lessons.
In Germany about 7 million foreigners live and one adds people with migration background to it, then these are about 16 millions. However, what does mean migration? And what is integration? Who comes to Germany and for which reasons? And how do migrants live in Germany?
The DVD offers a new film, graphics and short films to this society-political subject field.

The DVD contáins the film parts:
- „Country with an open immigration policy Germany“,
- „Migration in count“,
- „If you see me, what do you think?“ and
- „What does mean integration?“.
Three pòrtraits give insights, into different forms, of her Migration to Germany.

In the ROM part of the DVD there are tips for the use in the lessons, worksheets and other materials. The DVD can help, in exemplary kind to suppòrt, the topical integration discussions in Germany. „Einwanderungsland Deutschland”  is an excellent multimedia programme.
Therefore the DVD is awarded with a Erasmus Award.