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EuroMedia Awards 2010
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LUX: visionary thinkers about the future (TV-series)

by IKON, the Netherlands

receiving the Grand Award

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Laudator: Thomas A. Bauer

For long time and for many times in delivering the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards the Jury held the believe that the great challenge for Europe becoming an integrated society being unified in difference was to mutually understand the particular histories of regions and countries. And the Jury thought that it was its mission to support the idea of enhancing the public acceptance for the unification of difference in an open society. This still is a main pillar in shaping out a social configuration of Europe. What the jury has learned faced with the submissions for the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards concourse, that the inclination saying that Europe has to be understood and has to be transformed out of the particular histories, on the one hand hardly shows a way out of individual self-observation, and on the other hand, there is the notion that the observation of what we would call a European culture rises the question of the culture of observation and makes clear: the culture of historical observation is a very European habit and needs to be completed by a perspective of future.

As we can see all over Europe, the crucial question of Europe lies in the future concept of the presence and in particular in the role of religiously  based culture within the political discourse -   recently especially in the Netherlands, where the anti-Islam movement turns to become a crucial key of politics, and in Austria, where the wide ranging we-are-we-mentality is unable to accept that the future of the nation as of any other nation in Europe is to be found through being aware of chances and through creative energy of migration and social movement. Europe needs to lighten its horizon: fiat lux!

This view leads the jury to award this year the TV magazine “LUX: Visionary thinkers about the future” because of the episodes being told there:  globalization, diversity, ethics as a grown-up idealism and the  sense of belonging and togetherness beyond nostalgia. The production, of course, is in its media designing by far not as sophisticated as other awarded media productions, but finds, based on deep going research, a conversational way of sharing difficult thoughts to people being involved in and absorbed by everyday practice of self-care. Worldwide well known names in philosophy, political science, and cultural history from different cultural and religious environment and traditions of thinking contribute to concepts of future of an open society and encourage with an impressing plea for a visionary approach to a Europe for Europeans.In that sense the magazine LUX: visionary thinkers about the future, produced and realized from IKON-team: Ida Overdijk (chief editor), Wilberry Jacobs (director), and Margie Monfils (producer)….in the Netherlands matches all criteria of the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards in its best way and therefore the Jury dedicates to the team of the producers of “LUX: visionary thinkers” the Grand Award of the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards 2010. Cordial Congratulation!