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Sponsorship Award 08
Amnesie (TV Feature)

Amnesie, TV Feature by Daniele Moro receiving the Sponsorship Award of the Erasmus Euromedia Award 2008 for his journalistic courageuous investigation on Italy’s after-war loss of memory.


Europe is a result of the learning history of its people, especially after the two world wars and many local conflicts in the 2oth century. That’s why it is so important to know how and why historical facts happened, otherwise we would not learn from it. That means that, when ever there are temptations to falsify and to hoke or to forget and even to neglect the history, that comes out as a temptation to abscond from responsibility for present and future. Not to say the truth or to conceal the truth has to be taken as an attack to the credibility of the European project whose future depends from understanding its past.

Europe still is not enough sensitised for the need of dreadful truth. That’s why it needs journalists like Daniele Moro is, who remind to activate the memory. Daniele Moro, long time publicist and journalist, studied International Affairs at the John Hopkins University, worked among others for “Die Welt” and for “World Economy”, publicising on conflict issues all over the world, is now in charge for TG5, a private TV broadcasting company in Italy as editor-in-chief, followed the path of forgotten stories and investigated on Italy’s second world war invasions and war crimes in the Balkans. Italy’s war involvement at the Eastern front  was full of inhuman activities and killing hostility, but there is no monument at all that tells about that: no trial, no history books, no local cemetery, no commemorative roll of honour for all that people that was dealt as undignified beings, killed or kept in concentration camps. For around 6o years the stories vanished, the history was concealed. State and army of Italy found an symbiotic agreement of silence and of concealment on what Italian army has done to ethnic Slavs not only in Slovenia but also in other parts of former Yugoslavia – and even bring to court journalists for “insulting the honour of the Italian army” as it happened to Daniele Moro for his documentary.

 In respect to the courageous research and his impressing reports on that topic the ESEC jury awards Daniele Moro for his paradigmatic work, especially exemplified with the feature “Amnesie”, broadcasted on TG5, with the Erasmus EuroMedia Sponsorship Award 2008.

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Photos of the Award Ceremony

Daniele Moro

Italian Ambassador gives price to Daniele Moro

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Expeditie Europa, a Weblog featured by NRC Handelsblad, receiving the Erasmus Eurmedia Sponsorship Award 2008.

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