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Boris Pahor, a Stubborn Memory (documentary)

by Regional TV Programme Koper-Capodistria, RTV Slovenia, Slovenia

receiving Medal of Excellence: Documentary / Report

Laudator: Marko Ivanišin

Boris Pahor is internationally most recognized Slovene writer, the only Slovene to be nominated for the Nobel prize. Although he was not awarded that prize it was another prize he received, the Premio Napoli, that might have been even more valuable for him. Boris Pahor, a 87 years old citizen of Trieste, is today fulfilling the mission that should have been fulfilled decades ago. As an eye-witness of dicatorships in Italy and Germany he is enlightening pupils and students on this topic across Italy. In Italy his books and publications were until recently put aside as bad consciens for Italian opression of Slovenes in Trieste and other Italian places. But with the Napoli prize his book on early Italian fascism these nacist movements became historical fact also in Italian curriculums.
In the documentary Boris Pahor A Stubborn Memory writers importance for Slovene, Italian and European history is documented in multiple ways with lots of sense for a portrait on the one side and historical events on the other.

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