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Country Medal Kosovo

Between two civilizations

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The international jury has selected this media product as the best out of the nominations coming from Kosovo.

Laudation for „Between two Civilizations“, JERICHO
Remzioe Shahini-Hohaj, Prioshtina

I have been honored to hold the Laudatio for the documentary „Between two civilizations“, produced by the group “Jericho”, which portraits one of the most crucial issues of post-conflict societies, that of local dependency toward international state-builders.

This social dependency is expressed very clearly by the following phrases:

„…long time you’ve been standing in the noise
you’ve got to breathe, they’re choking you
your have no voice left out to scream
so violently they’ve messed you up in your head
and how much longer till they all chop you to pieces…“

The message of the music from Jericho, which is part of this documentary, reflects the artistic spirit of the contemporary film producers, Petrit Carkaxhiu, who is one of the rarest young artists to articulate the disparity with partially accomplished international goals and the identity challenges that Kosovo society has experienced during the state building process.

This documentary film is extremely diverse, yet rich and story line progresses in a calmly linear, and progressive manner. The artistic genius is the ambiguity of the movie: We see the clash of cultures through the eyes of the artists.

We are humbled and delighted to award to the documentary film ‘Between two civilizations“ the Country Medal for Excellence.

Congratulations to the winner, Urime!

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