Promoting Excellence in the Discourse on Europe. Since 1995, the Erasmus EuroMedia Awards are granted to outstanding media productions contributing to the development of a European society and value system. [learn more]

And the Award goes to…

Vienna, October 10th 2014.
The International Jury of the Erasmus EuroMedia Award 2014 decided to honour twelve productions. The prices were handed over during the EEMA Ceremony in the Congress Hall of the Federal Chancellery.

And the winners are…

Erasmus EuroMedia Medal of Excellence:
Civil Politics and Social Culture
Kinder haben Rechte
MedienLB GmbH

Cultural Attention and Media Literacy
Faszination Medien
Freiwillige Selbstkontrolle Fernsehen e.V.

Language and Education
Academia – Dutch AV-collection for higher education
The Netherlands instituut for Sound and Vision


Country Focus: Special Citation
in Honor of Important Documantary on Regional History Relevant to European Awareness

Ujkan Hysaj
AJO Pictures
Rescue in Albania
Dardan Islami, Alush Gashi, Albian Gagica
INIT production


Special Award
for Outstanding Documentary in Duty of Critical Assessment of European History
Der taumelnde Kontinent (The Vertigo Years)
Robert Neumüller (Director)
Philipp Blom (Writer)

for Outstanding Media Production in Duty of Cultural Heritage and Diversity of Traditions
Unsere Inseln – Mit den Augen eines Musikers
Nedim Hazar
Nedim Hazar Film & Music Production

for Civil Politics and Social Culture
Unter Kontrolle
Lokalaugenschein der Medienlandschaft im Donauraum
Radovan Grahovac (Autor und Regie), Vedran Džihić (Koautor) und Matija Serdar (ausführende Produktion, Kamera und Schnitt)
Okto Community TV GmbH

for Outstanding Didactical Conception in Commemoration of 100 Years of First World War
Der erste Weltkrieg und das Ende der Habsburgermonarchie – eine virtuelle Ausstellung (
Schloß Schönbrunn Kultur- und Betriebsges.m.b.H.


Erasmus EuroMedia Sponsorship Award
for Outstanding Documentation of an Unknown Hero
Viet Costas
Yannis Tritsibidas
IDOU! – Vox documentaries

for Outstanding Documentation of European Migration Experiences
Leave/Stay – Documentary series and social project
László Józsa
Speak Easy Project Co.


Erasmus EuroMedia Grand Award
for the Most Significant Documentary Enriching the European Discourse
Everyday Rebellion
Arash T. Riahi / Arman T. Riahi
Golden Girls Filmproduktion & Filmservices

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