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Vide_o_drom – Integrative cultural media project (TV documentary)

by Studio West receiving the Sponsorship Award

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Laudator : Axel Maireder, University of Vienna
The integrative cultural project Video_o_drom aims to view Roma and Sinti across South Eastern Europe in a different perspective than the mainstream of the media. It networks Roma and Sinti from different countries to provide transnational exchange of ideas. Being minorities in the respective countries, video_o_drom fosters transnational solidarity among Roma and Sinti in Bulgaria, Austria, Romania and Hungary. Through that, Vide_o_drom tries to provide a framework of coherence by culture contrary to the concept of nation states.
The multiple activities of vide_o_drom including a lively weblog, video productions, discussion meetings and much more resulted in a 3-day festival of Roma and Sinti culture. All these activities were framed by the variety of Roma and Sinti cultures, that are developing within the mainstream culture of the respective majority societies.
Besides people from different countries, Vide_o_drom involved Roma and Sinti of different ages from children and teenagers to the elderly. By bringing together Hip Hop and traditional folk culture Video_o_drom bridges the generations, providing links for the construction of identity for everyone.
Everyone, both inside AND outside the Roma and Sinti community – with the potential to connect Roma and Sinti to the society of the majority and vice versa.
For this efforts in bridging cultures and in honour of its educational ambition in reflecting the development of the European Society, the jury awards Vide_o_drom an Erasmus EurMedia Sponsorship Award 2009.


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