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Kreuz und Quer (TV programme)

by ORF Religion receiving the Erasmus Award for Interreligious Dialogue:

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Laudator: Univ. Prof. Dr. Thomas A. Bauer, University of Vienna
ESEC President

kreuz + quer is a TV serial program, produced and published by the editorial department Religion  of the ORF, Austrian Public Broadcasting since a dozen of years, which always has been a platform for wide ranging and open perspectives, for sophisticated discourse on religiously located questions of individual and collective way of life.  As an editorial team kreuz + quer soon has reacted to the manifold changes of paradigms in society, culture, science, religion, churches and theology with an editorial arrangement that identifies kreuz + quer not only as a platform-for but also as a platform of diverse positions, not only model-of, but more a model for public discourse, which then definitely is, what a public broadcaster should look like: a media program with public value since and when it is an agency of diversity, of dialogue and – in times of migration, xenophobic climate and social discrimination – a virtual house for peaceful encounter, for social reconciliation and for societal  re-unification, not looking to the economic outcome.

kreuz + quer  successively has performed the function of a seismometer analyzing, pronouncing and preventing break lines in society, churches and religions, but also intervening with unmistakable interpretations on the moments of danger, challenge and chances. With many particular productions kreuz + quer faces up to the cultural and structural change of religion and to the change in the relationship between of the religion, never in temptation to become itself a stage for media-religion as we can observe across the globe the media business with diffuse fear and irrational spirituality. kreuz + quer has developed an editorial performance of interreligious, cross-religious and cross-cultural dialogue that is predicated on journalistic and media competence in all dimensions of that concept: capability, capacity, responsibility, aesthetics and ethics. For that the European Society of Education and Communication is proud to award the editorial programme kreuz + quer in respect to the necessity of recent times a separate honour and tribute by the Erasmus Award 2009 for Inter-religious Dialogue.

Vienna, Oct. 16, 2009                  Thomas A. Bauer, ESEC President


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