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Sponsorship Award 08
Fabiani: Plečnik (TV Documentary)

Fabiani versus Plečnik, doucumentary film Amir Muratovič, Marko Kočevar and Patrizia Zonta is awarded the Erasmus EuroMedia Sponsorship Award 2008.


Fabiani versus Plečnik is a documentary film on two most important Slovene architects who left their traces in many Central-European cities. Next to this geographical European connotation, the film is important and by opinion of Erasmus EuroMedia jury price worthy out of three more reasons: it enlightens many Slovene citizens who are very proud of Jože Plečnik but might have never heard of Max Fabiani, the architect who in many ways influenced Plečnik’s work end was even his tutor during the studies in Vienna at fin-de-siecle. Furthermore by telling stories of buildings created by the two architects the documentary reveals and interprets some of more or less known historical events from a new perspective – a perspective of authorship of what is today referred to as cultural heritage. And last but not least Fabiani versus Plečnik discusses architecture, a field of creating national and international culture by very concrete means. This might be a metaphor for a discussion on what Europe needs, wants and has.

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