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Arrivederci (Movie)

by Valeriu Jereghi receiving a Sponsorship Award 2009



Laudator: Marisa Vukicevic, University of Vienna

The movie shows the drama of two young children whose mother left them to work in Italy.  She wants to earn money for her family. The film convinced the jury that Arrivederci deserved this award for its outstanding sensitive and touching narrative style, thus interpreting the the burdon of migration. It shows precisly the dilemma of abandoned children who live in poverty. This tragedy can be found everywhere in Europe as it does not just show the drama of the children but also indicates the subject of migration and what problems migration can cause. The movie acomplishes to narrow down the ribbon among our hearts and also strenghten it as it shows and appeals to our innermost part to never forget our children. As they are any society’s future the future of Europe will exist on their dreams. The European Society of Education and Communication (ESEC) therefore solemnly awards the film “Arrivederci” from Valeriu Jereghi , Russia, with the Erasmus EuroMedia Country Medal and the Sponsorship Award in respect of the thematic focus. Vienna, October 16, 2009


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